Chargeable Sessions

All Psychotherapy Sessions are chargeable including the initial consultation. Some therapists offer a reduced fee or free initial consultation. I think the first session is an important part of the work and I provide the same level of service during that session as all others so my charges reflect this.

Annual availability and session times

I am normally available to offer therapy 40-45 weeks a year with breaks in summer and January / February.

I offer sessions Monday to Friday with first session at 10am and the final session beginning at 8pm.

How can I pay for a psychotherapy session?

I can invoice you using PayPal either weekly or monthly or you can pay using bank transfer or cash with optional invoices / receipts.

When is payment due?

Weekly electronic payments (PayPal or bank transfer) are due before each session and you need to allow time for me to check the payment. Monthly payments for all forms of payment are due to be paid in full before the first session of the month (or at the first session if payment is in cash). PayPal payments are automatically invoiced and I can provide invoices for the others forms of payment.

Payment notification

PayPal payment notifications are emailed to me almost instantly so these can be made up to half an hour before the applicable session. Bank transfers need to be made with enough time to clear in my account (usually 2 hours but sometimes longer) and for me to log on to my internet banking when I am at my computer and check the payment has been received (usually 24hours before the session). Emailing or text messaging me to let me know when you have made a bank transfer speeds this process up. Cash payments can be made at the relevant session and you need to bring the correct change.

I can provide receipts on request and all invoices and receipts will be emailed to you so I require a valid email address in order to invoice and receipt your payments.

Cancellations of psychotherapy sessions

This spirit of my cancellation policy is that if our therapy is in progress, no clear end date has been indicated and acknowledged between us and I am available at our agreed session time(s) for any given session then payment is due for that session.

The exceptions to this are 4 unpaid absences of yours each calendar year for any reason (including illness) and any absence of mine. I require 48 hours' notice for cancellations in order for these 4 sessions not to be chargeable.

After you have cancelled 4 sessions, it is your choice whether you attend a session or not but you still need to pay me for the session.

Rescheduling psychotherapy sessions

Sometimes it may be possible to rearrange a session if you are unable to attend at our agreed usual session time. This is subject to my availability. For me to attempt rescheduling your session, I need 48 hours' notice that you will be unable to attend at our usual time and the rescheduled session must take place within the same week as the session being rescheduled.

Sometimes it may be possible to reschedule with less than 48 hours' notice but in such cases, if we are unable to agree a time we are both able to meet, the normal cancellation policy (above) applies. In other words, I will try to be as flexibile with rescheduling as I can but if you don't give me 48 hours' notice and we can't agree on an alternative time within the same week, the session will be treated as cancelled by you and the above criteria apply.

You will not be charged for sessions I cancel for any reason (for example my holidays, continuing professional development or illness).

Cancellation policy explained

Psychotherapy is usually a weekly commitment unless otherwise agreed. I will generally try to be as flexible as I can with reschedules but some structure is beneficial to both of us.

Some people struggle to accept this arrangement but the cancellation policy is an important part of the work. You are paying for a guarantee that I will be present and effective for you at our agreed session times. This policy is also an important part of your commitment to yourself. By allowing yourself a regular time and space each week, you are affording an opportunity for self improvement.

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