Dating Coaching

Dating coaching is a psychotherapy service I offer focusing on issues with meeting partners and being in new relationships. Usually dating coaching would take place over a small number of sessions with a focus on increasing your awareness of your personality type and attachment style, what you are looking for in a relationship and what issues you are experiencing in looking for a new relationship.

Online dating profile analysis

An optional part of my dating coaching services is online dating profile analysis. If you are engaged in or thinking of beginning any form of online dating (Guardian Soulmates, eHarmony, match.com, OKCupid, Tinder, Grinder, Growler, Bumble, Happn etc), we can construct or review your existing profile with a view to ensuring it's the most genuine representation of you possible in the space provided. This ensures that while you may not interest the greatest number of other people online, the people you are in touch with are the best matches for your personality. This process often also helps resolve issues of confidence because it gets you thinking about what you really want and challenges you to match this with what you are presenting online.

If you use this service, I will need soft copies of photo identification and all of your profile text, statistics and images to review 72 hours (3 days) to read over in advance of our session. These can be in MS Word format, PDF or text in the body of an email. All this material is treated with strictest confidence and is used only for the purposes of our session(s) and deleted after we finish working on it. If you are using multiple online dating services / apps, we can review one per session although generally it would only be necessary to work on one and you will then be able to tailor the others based on that one.

Because my dating coaching service is designed to help you present yourself in the most genuine way to maximize your chances of meeting someone sufficiently like minded for you to form a meaningful personal relationship with, the photo ID is the first 'reality check'. It helps verify you are who you say you are on your dating profile(s) and from there we can explore more ways of putting together or altering your existing online dating profile(s). Even the process of supplying your photo ID and profile can spark useful reflection on where you might be struggling.

Note that I do not coach 'techniques' for 'picking people up' or ways to 'trick' people into having 'fun' (sex) with you. I also do not offer a match making service. My service is for people having issues looking for and forming new and lasting intimate relationships.