I practice Integrative Psychotherapy and clinical supervision in London's Canary Wharf

Integrative psychotherapy is an approach that encourages the therapist throughout their training and career to draw on many different theories of psychotherapy and form their own constantly evolving way of understanding and working with people.

I like the integrative psychotherapy approach because for me it encompasses a diverse human world. My counseling & psychotherapy approach results in an effective, open ended, down to earth, client-focused counseling and psychotherapy service.

Experience and bio

My clinical experience includes counseling and psychotherapy work with a range of people concerning issues in relationships with partners or colleagues, chronic illness, low self-worth, occupational difficulties, suicidal thoughts, self-harming and many more.

After a successful previous corporate career, I became interested in work that was more directly related to people's well-being. Since 2000, counseling and psychotherapy have evolved from my hobby to my profession. For me counseling and psychotherapy are an on-going interest and not just a job.

As my psychotherapy client you'll benefit from my enthusiasm about the work, my first hand experience of other walks of professional life and my counseling and psychotherapy training and experience.

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